Director’s Message


Satish Sharma


P.K. Mishra


G. Joshi

Dear students,

If you do not know where you are going, no road will get you there....
Success in NEET, IIT and Mains entrance exams, in face of a stiff and cut-throat competition, calls for a planned approach and cultivation of requisite skills. Developing such skills and attitude not only requires dedication and demanding work on the part of students, but also proper guidance and training from the mentor.

At Kareer Guru Academy, the students learn to practice and to be subject experts. They learn to master and to take a broad perspective; to solve problems and to seize tomorrow's opportunities.

At Kareer Guru Academy, where teaching and learning converge to drive innovation, we understand that the future belongs to those who can recognize potential in a changing world and respond with aplomb, speed, and accuracy.

We offer a congenial environment and the best infrastructure in career education. Students have access to most - renowned faculty, a community of diverse intellects and cultures, an innovative curriculum, extraordinary classes, and the best career education available anywhere. Our strong faculty work to define tomorrow's best practice in today's environment in the best interest of students.